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The "Center of Excellent for Social Change" aim to build and develop the capacities of small NGO's and CBOs to strengthen institutional development, program planning & project management, financial management, technical know-how, thematic knowledge, and other project implementation aspects.


No-profits and NGOs are normally constituted with a vision by a group of like-minded people, committed for the uplift of poor, marginalized, underprivileged and needy people. Being flexible in administration, quicker in decision making, and capable of taking timely actions, they ensure their fullest participation in the process of development. They generally do a tremendous task of meeting the changing needs of the social system.

In India, the growth of NGOs, CBOs, and voluntary organizations have been phenomenal. In the last, two decades, around 1.2 million organizations were registered, but only a small fraction are fully operational because of a lack of funds, efficient leadership, and skilled manpower, despite having great passion and determination to serve the masses. Therefore, it becomes vital to provide them well-structured and planned training that enhances their ability to function and their implementation skills for greater long-term sustainability. Also, the training for corporate personnel on CSP and social development is relevant and crucial to direct CSR funds towards key issues. 

Sukarya as a resource agency has vast experience of 20 years in direct implementation of technical projects in Maternal Child Health & Nutrition, Women's Empowerment & Livelihood, Informal Education, and Rural Development programs. Over this period, it has acquired experience and expertise on every step of the implementation of programs in these areas, in addition a practical understanding program management, project implementation, understanding of community participation, Panchayati Raj institutions, behavioral change interventions involving government agencies and officials, implementation of standard operating procedures and other guidelines etc. These resources will enable other agencies and individuals to serve efficient in their respective villages and communities. 

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